Faux Wood – Mock Tudor

Faux Wood planks are made from closed cell rigid polyurethane & resist rot, moisture, mildew, wood worm, warping and splintering.

Specifically developed for timber replacement and new build Mock Tudor homes, Faux Wood replica Oak planks have limitless potential in all aspects of the home improvement industry.

Each plank is a high-quality handmade reproduction of an actual Oak wooden plank.

Unique ridge, details and the wood grain surface of actual wood is reproduced in every piece. The effect is so true to life it’s hard to tell our Cellular Resin Polyurethane planks are not real wood.

What Is Polyurethane?

 Polyurethane is one of the toughest, most wear and abrasion resistant material available today.

The secret of Polyurethane is its closed cell structure. This makes it very stable and keeps moisture from migrating behind coatings.

 Moisture migration causes serious problems in wood building products (such as wood beams or planks), promoting paint failure and rot.

Because of the rigid closed cell structure of Polyurethane, it does not transmit water or water vapour, thus the finished colour to the moulding remains unaffected by moisture migration, the main cause of wood-paint failure.

The light weight polyurethane planks can withstand temperatures of up to 100 degrees centigrade without the surface blistering or cracking.

The maintenance free polyurethane that is used to make the Faux Wood planks is also safe and does not contain CFC’s or HCFC’s which are damaging to the environment.

Easy to install and a maintenance-free long life

Faux Wood planks combine low weight with long-term stability.

The plank has a tough skin with a very strong core density and will accommodate countersunk screws concealed by polyurethane Mock Tudor Pegs

Our Planks have a superior core density in the range of 275kg m³ and unlike any other replica Oak product on the market also have a coloured core providing ease of installation and unparalleled UV resistance.

It’s Not Wood It’s Better!

Faux Wood planks and beams will add a bold and timeless touch to the exterior of a home.

Created from a high-quality mould of an actual wooden plank, each plank has the identical detail, warmth and visual appeal of actual wood without the downside of heavy weight or gradual deterioration.

The planks are handmade reproductions of medium aged English Oak and are available in a range of pre-finished colours that will suit not only your taste but also the existing appearance of your home.

It’s Not uPVC It’s Better!

uPVC Fascia has an unnatural laminate veneer face, square edges and a white core!

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