Faux Planks

Fake Timber effect planks designed complete with a grained timber texture, knots and imperfections of centuries old oak.

The perfect solution for replacing rotten Mock Tudor Planks, Boards and Fascia.

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Faux Wood Planks

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It's Not Wood It's Better!

Faux Wood planks and beams will add a bold and timeless touch to the exterior of a home.

Created from a high-quality mould of an actual wooden plank, each plank has the identical detail, warmth and visual appeal of actual wood without the downside of heavy weight or gradual deterioration.

The planks and beams are available in a range of prefinished colours that will suit not only your taste but also the existing appearance of your home.

Mock Tudor Planks

Faux Wood planks are made from closed cell rigid polyurethane & resist rot, moisture, mildew, wood worm, warping and splintering. With looks as beautiful and rich as actual wood - you won't be able to tell the difference.

Each plank is a high-quality mould of an actual oak wooden plank. Unique ridge, details and the wood grain surface of actual wood is reproduced in every piece.

Easy to install with a maintenance-free long life.

Faux Wood Mock Tudor timber effect planks are handmade reproductions of English Oak and are available in a range of colours including Black, Golden Oak or Mahogany effect.

The timber effect planks are designed complete with a grained timber texture, knots and imperfections of English Oak.

The maintenance free polyurethane that is used to make the faux wood planks is also safe and does not contain chlorofluorocarbons which are damaging to the environment.

The effect is so true to life it's hard to tell that the Faux Wood timber effect Cellular Resin Polyurethane planks are not real wood.

Better than uPVC Fascia!

No ugly laminate veneer face with unnatural square edges!

Unlike any other product on the market, our planks have a coloured core providing unparalleled UV resistance.

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Faux Wood Manufacturer of Replica Wood Mock Tudor Planks in Telford
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